For those of you that have a business in Leroy, have you ever considered your website? I mean, does it perform well? Are you listed in the maps in Google? Whenever a fellow Leroy resident searches for a business online, your business should show up at the top of the search engines. Now, the good thing about marketing your business is that Google is really smart. For local businesses, a user that searches for “best plumber” for example, Google will show the businesses listed in the city the searcher is searching from. So, if you are in the same city with a business that the searcher is looking for, your business could very well show up easily.

This changes with competition though. So, the less competition, the easier it is to be found on Google in your city. If you were the only plumber in Leroy, then you would be #1 with a listing on the first page of Google with very little effort. Imagine what that would do for your business.

Here is an example of the searches for “Plumber In Leroy”

leroy area plumbers

Notice that when you do a search for plumber or best plumber, this is what will show up in the search in Google. Now obviously there are many plumbers in Leroy and they are all vying for the top spot.

How To Get in the Top Spots in the Search Results

This is no easy task but it is possible. When you have lots of competition, you need to know what to do. A good way to start is to build a Facebook page, a Twitter Page and also a Google Plus page with a YouTube channel. Make sure that you link all these properties to your website. This will give your website some relevance and authority because your website is getting links from these high authoritative pages. With facebook and twitter specifically, you should also do weekly posts and try to engage your audience. Share some pictures of your business to friends, get them to like your page and to follow it as well. With twitter, have them retweet your posts. Your social engagement will not only bring awareness to your website but will also make it more known and powerful. You should also consider making a video of your business and upload it to YouTube. Make the title of your video the keyword you are looking to go after, for example “best plumber in Leroy NY” – you will want that as your title. Also, make sure you link back to your website in the first sentence of the description. This brings me to your description in YouTube. Most people forget this part or just put very thin content. Try to create an article or description of your business that is at least 400 characters long here. Throw in some related keywords that match your business and also include your contact information with address at the bottom of the description. When you have your video uploaded, share it on all your social profiles.

Build Citations

A Citation is like a business directory that you can list your business on. For example, is a very common citation that you should use. Be sure to put up some good pictures of your business with a description and most importantly a link back to your website. Yelp is very powerful because you can get reviews on here which will help when customers search for you. Your yelp listing might also appear on the first page of google along with your business and if that happens then you have 2 web properties on the first page which is very powerful stuff indeed! Other citations are, manta and foursquare. Use as many as you can. There are services like brightlocal and Whitespark that can help you find the best citations for your business but these do cost some money. However, you might be able to get a free trial so do check this out. BrightLocal

Hire an SEO Firm

If after all this your business is still not on the first page of Google or you just aren’t getting enough traffic, you might want to consider hiring an SEO consultant. There are many to choose from and when visiting out of state I consulted with a few like this seo expert in Ontario. It would be best to find someone local and definitely avoid any SEO agencies overseas. If you check your inbox you may get daily emails from companies in India and these should be directed right into your trash bin. As far as the cost, this ranges greatly but get a few estimates from different companies. Usually they charge by keyword and you will want to avoid the companies that have an SEO package deal which is the same for all businesses. No two companies are alike so it is impossible to price that way.


Do Things Right

Whatever you decide to do, protect your website. It is your digital asset for years to come. Think of it like a child, it needs to grow up with the right guidance. Abuse it and it will get a slap from the all mighty Google.

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