About Le Roy New York

Le Roy is located just 20 minutes southwest of Rochester, New York on historic Route 5. Route 5 served as the early east-west route to Niagara Falls. Le Roy, in 1897, became the birthplace of Jell-O, “America’s Most Famous Desert.”

I invite you to visit Le Roy, an historic village with tree-lined streets and classic Victorian homes. Nestled along the scenic Oatka Creek, Le Roy is one of the most picturesque communities in Western New York, just five minutes south of Exit 47 off the New York State Thruway.

Visit once as a tourist and return later as a friend. Whether you are a newcomer or a lifelong resident, I am sure you will find the information on our Web site both informative and helpful.


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Supervised Playgrounds

Le Roy Recreation offers residents the opportunity for their children to use the Le Roy Parks in a supervised setting. Supervisors ages 16 and up are selected for their leadership ability, creativity, and ability to work well with children. The program content is loosely structured to allow participating children an opportunity to develop their interests. A variety of playground equipment for use at the park is provided, along with the opportunity to enjoy crafts, sports, games, and Le Roy’s inflatable obstacle course – a true favorite!

COST: none! This program is a shared cost of the Village & Town of Le Roy. The NYS Office of Children & Family Services through the Genesee/ Orleans Youth Bureau provide partial funding.
Note: The field trip & other specials have separate fees.

 SIGN-UP: Just come to the park!
Parents are encouraged to come meet the staff and fill out emergency cards/permission slips the first day – not able to come? Please return the forms with your child right away. Thank You!
T-SHIRTS: Le Roy Recreation Shirts – $5 each.
Buy yours using the coupon in this booklet and tie-dye it at the park the first week. (Or you may bring a plain white shirt from home – no other items please) Field trip participants are asked to wear these shirts to help with supervision on trips.
 BEHAVIOR: Appropriate behavior is both expected & appreciated.
Playground Supervisors reserve the right to remove misbehaving individuals from the program for the day. Should the behavior continue the parents will be called concerning actions taken.
PARK HOURS: Parks are open to the public from dawn to dusk during appropriate weather. Supervised hours listed below. Crafts & Board games offered at the Town Hall if rained out of the parks during the day!
 TALENT SHOW: Practice with the Playground Supervisor at your park in July…Join the talent show organizers for extra practices in August. A detailed flier will be handed out in the parks.
Final show Saturday August 17th.

CRAFTS: There is no charge for the basic craft program, including tie-dye week 1. Extra projects are offered for $1 per project so you can do just a little more! See special schedule notes below.

 ENDING PICNIC: Friday August 16th – The traditional picnic with a new twist! We’ll be together for food, music, games and water fights. Sign up in August for food & transportation.